Marina Salenkova



Skill: 0
Guts: 1
Luck: 1
Medals: 1

Role: DREAMER: You can weather an INFORMAL INTERVIEW well. When you change Duty Stations, Advance if you shared a premonition and it came true


  • GHOSTS: Choose a dead comrade and hold three. When you ask your friend for help, spend your holds one for one to succeed as if you had rolled a 10+. Every time you do this you are also harmed or Marked by the experience, your choice.
  • MURKY PAST: You guard your history carefully. Choose two things you are hiding:
    • Valuable training,
    • prominent family,
    • political connections,
    • a strange secret,
    • portable wealth.
      Define them whenever you want. Reveal either of these aspects of your past to save the day, make an impression or ruin someone.



  • Valor – saved bombing mission after rest of squadron missed

Marina Salenkova

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